Today, avionics and aerospace systems rely heavily on single-core processors. As avionics and aerospace systems become more complex, their demand, in terms of computing power, can no longer be satisfied with a single-core approach; therefore, architects are looking towards multi-core or manycore processors to improve performance without compromising on strict safety requirements.

The MPPA® Advantage

From its inception, Kalray has been working with leading aerospace, avionic and defense makers to resolve this challenge. The MPPA manycore architecture has been designed from the ground up with safety and certification in mind.

The key benefits:

  • Extreme computing: with 80 cores, the current MPPA processor offers a previously unreached level of heterogeneous compute power. Its ability to execute simultaneously multiple independent applications and multiple threads of the same application provides aerospace and avionics system architects with the possibility to design a new generation of highly integrated and powerful systems.
  • Determinism/Safety: the MPPA architecture is uniquely suited to serving critical functions. Along with parallel processing capabilities, the processor has been especially designed to resolve any interference issues between applications, implementing such mechanisms, for example, as fail proof determinism. This means that multiple critical applications can run alongside one another without compromising the system’s safety.
  • Power consumption: with a power consumption that can be as low as one tenth of that of existing solutions, architects can develop very dense systems which require minimal cooling, thus reducing the cost of the solution and of the maintenance dramatically.
  • Programmability: this is a key topic for aerospace and avionics. Each vendor uses its own OS, its own tools and its own libraries. Thanks to the MPPA® programmability, not only can standard C/C++/Open standard API code or RTOS or rich OS (including Linux) be used, but also plug-ins to the existing code generation tools, allowing an easy legacy code reuse.

With Kalray’s MPPA®, a new generation of avionics and aeronautics systems will take flight!

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