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  • Based on our signature MPPA® technology, Kalray’s autonomous vehicle technology has proven to be the perfect fit for the needs of the automotive sector.
  • Kalray has developed its MPPA® manycore processors to give aerospace and avionics system architects the possibility of making their system more efficient.
  • Kalray’s MPPA® is an industry leading processing solution for deep learning. The clustered manycore architecture of the processor allows for concurrent computation of multiple CNN layers.
  • Kalray has introduced several data storage solutions that respond to the evolving needs of the data center industry.
  • Kalray offers several programmable SmartNIC solutions that allow telecommunications and data centers to completely offload their compute-heavy CPUs.
  • Kalray’s manycore processors offer parallel processing allowing for multiple applications to run concurrently or several aspects of the same application to run in parallel.